Naail AbdulRahman



Here you will find a listing of my publicly available projects and links to their corrosponding details pages. For obvious reasons, private systems and projects for clients that are not available for public consumption are not listed here.


  • BML APP - Bank of Maldives Mobile Banking app
  • Penal Code - LSRC Maldives Penal Code reference app
  • Male' Maps - Find locations and addresses in Male', Maldives
  • IGMH Mobile - Simple app to get Doctor's duties and Token numbers from IGMH
  • Font Installer - App to simplify installing unicode fonts on rooted android phones
  • Radheef - An elegant Dictionary application for Dhivehi
  • Constitution App - The Maldivian Constitution of 2008 as an app
  • Water Crisis App - Emergency response app developed during #MaleWaterCrisis
  • Folhuvaiy - A simple Thaana note taking and text editing app
  • 97minivan - Radio streaming app for 97minivan
  • Minivan News - News reader for Minivan news
  • MvPolitics - Elections tracking application for the 2012 Maldives Presidential elections
  • ROL v2h - Android TV application for browsing and streaming from the ROL Video2Home catalog.
  • aThaanaUtils - Android library project to make using Thaana on android slightly easier.


  • Thaana OSX - Automated installer for thaana keyboard and fonts for OSX
  • Radheef OSX - Installs the Dhivehi Radheef into Macs


  • Thaana Keyboard - The first Thaana keyboard for iOS. Required jailbreak. Unmaintained.



  • Maldives Constitution ePub - a re-flowable version of the Maldives Constitution, designed for e-readers.
  • Bas Emuni - Simpe boggle style game but in Dhivehi.
  • Quran Translation - Conversion of the Dhivehi Quran translation into a flat unicode format, suitable for use by other clients. This version is currently used by and all software using this repository.
  • PyThaana - Python Library to make Thaana handling easier
  • dhifix - Generate affix/suffix files for hunspell
  • Thaana Spell Check - Old experiments to get hunspell to recognize/fix thaana spelling errors.
  • DICT radheef - DICT database of radheef, suitable for use on Linux