Naail AbdulRahman


Mar 10, 2015

Folhuvaiy app for Android

During the water crisis I was left with a bit of free time on my hands during the consequent government shutdown. So to kill the time, I wrote a small Android application, called Folhuvaiy.

Folhuvaiy is a simple Thaana (The Dhivehi language script) text editor, and note taking app for android, which allows people to make quick notes on their Android powered mobile.

Folhuvaiy will also let you email your document collection to anybody.

It's very rudimentary at this point, but I hope to add more features to it in time.

Folhuvaiy is available for download on google play

Here's a screenshot.


Jan 21, 2014

Maldives Constitution (ePub)

After much experimentation, I finally managed to get the Maldives Constitution into a properly rendering re-flowable ePub.

My earlier experiments were somewhat unsuccessful, as @font-face embeds within the ePubs css files didn't quite work as expected. Then ipdf announced that EPUB3.0 would include directives to handle right-to-left languages such as Thaana.

Finally, using the new specification, I was able to produce a proper EPUB file which should display properly on any E-reader that supports EPUB3.0. Currently, this list is somewhat short, and as far as I know the best rendering is done by Apple's iBooks.

Download the file here: Download epub

The constitution is also available for Download on Playstore as an Android App