Naail AbdulRahman


Jan 21, 2014

Maldives Constitution (ePub)

After much experimentation, I finally managed to get the Maldives Constitution into a properly rendering re-flowable ePub.

My earlier experiments were somewhat unsuccessful, as @font-face embeds within the ePubs css files didn't quite work as expected. Then ipdf announced that EPUB3.0 would include directives to handle right-to-left languages such as Thaana.

Finally, using the new specification, I was able to produce a proper EPUB file which should display properly on any E-reader that supports EPUB3.0. Currently, this list is somewhat short, and as far as I know the best rendering is done by Apple's iBooks.

Download the file here: Download epub

The constitution is also available for Download on Playstore as an Android App