Naail AbdulRahman


Mar 10, 2015

Folhuvaiy app for Android

During the water crisis I was left with a bit of free time on my hands during the consequent government shutdown. So to kill the time, I wrote a small Android application, called Folhuvaiy.

Folhuvaiy is a simple Thaana (The Dhivehi language script) text editor, and note taking app for android, which allows people to make quick notes on their Android powered mobile.

Folhuvaiy will also let you email your document collection to anybody.

It's very rudimentary at this point, but I hope to add more features to it in time.

Folhuvaiy is available for download on google play

Here's a screenshot.


Mar 09, 2015

Updated website.

Welcome 2015! I do realise this comes a bit late in the year, but I finally managed to find the time to update the antiquated website into something more modern. That, and I finally moved the thing away from blogger

While doing so, I also decided against migrating some of the old material. So if you're looking for an older post, you can find the old blogspot archive over at, which I've left as-is (for prosperity's sake).

I decided to go with pelican as my content generator. For a couple of reasons, which are;

  • I love Markdown
  • I love Python
  • I love the idea of static sites & flat files.

All in all, I'm fairly convinced that this is the way to go, as it allows me to seperate the semantics from the layout quite nicely, and completely let go of messy html tags inside the content.

Over the next few weeks I will hopefully be migrating the rest of the content over.


Jan 01, 2015

Lyrics, Songs & Chords moved

If you came here looking for the Guitar chords that used to be hosted here, I have good news for you. About an year or so ago, my good friend nashath and I developed a simple website to function as a database of lyrics & guitar tabulature.

We called it

It's designed to allow anyone to contribute to it. So head on over, and upload your own content. I have already migrated all the content that was here to it.

Apr 07, 2014

Kickstart Hackathon. FTW!

So the 1st EVER hackathon held in the Maldives concluded today, and I must say it was an awesome experience. We had 40+ Maldivian devs coming together and putting together some very interesting products during the 24 hour timeframe.

The kickstart blog and their website have more details of what went down.

We won btw. That's to say, myself and my partner in crime maail managed to snag the first prize from the peer voting process for our project titled Vindhu.

Vindhu, is a location based, social blood donation application which aims to invert the flow of people looking for blood, and encourage active, direct donations among the donor pool.

We hope to revise the app and make it available for the public soon.

Jan 21, 2014

Maldives Constitution (ePub)

After much experimentation, I finally managed to get the Maldives Constitution into a properly rendering re-flowable ePub.

My earlier experiments were somewhat unsuccessful, as @font-face embeds within the ePubs css files didn't quite work as expected. Then ipdf announced that EPUB3.0 would include directives to handle right-to-left languages such as Thaana.

Finally, using the new specification, I was able to produce a proper EPUB file which should display properly on any E-reader that supports EPUB3.0. Currently, this list is somewhat short, and as far as I know the best rendering is done by Apple's iBooks.

Download the file here: Download epub

The constitution is also available for Download on Playstore as an Android App